Tuesday, April 28, 2009

photo session ~

nothing much to say~
pics wil tell the story ^^




date: 28 . 04 . 09
venue: Gurney . KimgGary
attendee: me . msL . msW . msSW

french toast~ ordered by Ms W

dono what instant mee~
SW 'tan pok-ing'? haha

3 of us while sw pi toilet~


date: 27 .04 .09
venue: QB Sakae . Red

attendee: me . msL . msW .msSW

brunch at sakae~

ice lemon tea~

mushroom soup?

oily salmon...?

beer ^^

am taking photo wif my beloved Jay~ ^^

date: 25 .04 .09
venue: Gurney . CoffeeIsland
attendee: me . msC .msMt

hot choc again~

can i order da 'shang mee' without seafood? lol~


date: 24 . 04 .09
venue: Gurney .BigApple . SiamXpress
attendee: me . msL

yumm yumm~

50% discount!!!!!


date: 21 . 04 .09
venue: somewhere(dono da shop name) . Gurney . Swensens
attendee: me . msM . msJM . JM's bf

shabu shabu~

50% discount again!!!

she is acting cute but i like tis...haha

JM, im serious!! hah

-------------------------------------------- end ---------------------------------------


  1. =.=|||...
    Walao eh...
    Went to SO MANY places to eat in just few days... And the food oso WAH...

    Haha... I want ALL!!!
    And new camera man... Nice...

    BTW, I have updated my blog at last... Quite long... hehe...

  2. please be honest lady... this called pk??
    huh ghost only believe u haha...
    asking u treat me a meal also susah, haiz...

  3. jo....u eat so many in this few days...and ur return is...hahahah....u noe i noe la...i will cum bec soon lo...2day i will fail accounting...haiz...

  4. mrSha,
    thx thx.. i will try 2 luv 'him eh haha...

    cz eating too much...
    thats y no money 2 treat u....
    after tis week only can drink air suam..

    wont fail eh la..
    btw, u noe i noe what? hahah

  5. r u serious..haha
    finally get ur lil red d..
    sui o..
    show us when meet~


  6. Hey..
    If I am not mistaken.
    It's ur sis's wedding tml..
    Guess U must b reli bz..
    Just wanna sen my bless la..
    Okla, Hv fun bye. =)