Thursday, April 9, 2009

-g i r l s-

ice peach tea

(rich) mushroom soup+bread ^^

mushroom broccoli spaghetti- creamy

long time dint chit chat with win them de..

The sociology class had given us a chance to stick together. ^^

but miss jor Ms D n Ms V~

left da J, Ms L, W, Wt n C..

bising enuf de.. better go to someplace which open air next time..


Ms W said my face got meat now getting fatter...

yea~ i oso feel da same ^^

add oil to reach my target 48~


we r listening da 'same' old song


  1. haiz.. after next sem ya'll going to degree d..
    OMG! we're really gonna bising in redbox tuesday xD sure ki siao d this time! see whole place can drop or not =D LOVE YA'LL

  2. still in hcc what...even nt in hcc oso can call me out to chit chat...

  3. comment,...the p/s is for me right?