Tuesday, June 30, 2009

whats IN my BAG?!!!

out wif P 2day..
watch 17 again~
nice nice nice
another MUST watch movie~ ^^
MARK was so handsome & SCARLET sui sui sui~
me & P dono kie hamik siao kin..
we decided to take down photo of all stuff in our bag~
so ...
Lets see wat i bring outside~
(luckily i had clean my bag 1 day b4.hehe)
my BAG~
MUST bring stuff... but sometime not cz 4gt to~
(phone . purse . lilRed . keys)

just put in da bag for incase~
(mint refresher spray . FASIO lipcream . NIVEA lipcare . BODYSHOP S.lipbalm . lipstick . Panadol)

for my homework&due to some reason kena summon so wil bring along*
(pendrive . handsfree)

someone gave me this..dunwan waste so bring it~
(ROSKEN skin repair lotion)

hahah.. rubbish? not really
(Northam car park ticket . tissue . price tag)
er.... i dono why it suddenly become mine!! i just a medium to send this to ppl~
(souvenir frome P to OTHER)

tats all for my bag!!
if wanna noe more funny 1 go n see P's blog!!!
i bet u will laugh ur ass off~


  1. Hahahaha!!!
    Hey U siao ar?
    Sumore promote ppl go my blog C??

    & All the rubbish is urs one!
    Sumore explain!!

    I hvnt got the pics ler..
    Sen me in email la!!



  2. Quite lotz of stuffs in ur bag... haha...

    Not bad for a "small" bag filled with these stuffs... Haha...

    Lazy to comment each of the item in ur bag... Hehe...